• Baby in car

    How to Pick Out a Car as a New Mom

    Posted 5 October 2016 12:00 AM by J.D. Byrider

    When you’re a new mom, the wise proverb “Ain’t nobody got time for that,” becomes a sacred mantra. If you had time, you’d probably make a cross-stitch of it, but, of course, you don’t actually have time for hobbies. While you’re trying to juggle school, work and shuttling your children from Point A to Point B, picking out a new car can seem like it’s not important enough to spend much time on. After all, you just need the kids to fit, right?

  • Share car payments with your teen

    How to Get Your Teen a Reliable Car

    Posted 28 July 2016 12:00 AM by J.D. Byrider

    We’re getting close to back to school time, which means even more expenses for parents. But, parents of sophomores and juniors likely have another dilemma on their hands—how can they afford to get their soon-to-be-drivers a vehicle?

  • As-is sales could cost you big

    What is an As-Is Sale?

    Posted 21 July 2016 12:00 AM by J.D. Byrider

    Car buying is never easy. It’s tempting to go to your local classifieds and just buy a car from a neighbor instead of shopping around dealerships. Taking the simple, cash-only route might seem like it saves you money since you don’t have to worry about financing charges or paying for a dealership’s involvement, but it can cost you in the long run.

  • The reward of a newer car is worth the process

    5 Things to Consider When You Pick Out a Car

    Posted 14 July 2016 12:00 AM by J.D. Byrider

    Looking for a car is a daunting task. You have to find something that will fit you and your family’s needs, and you need to be able to comfortably make the payments each month. Ideally, you’ll also find something that you’re proud of and happy to drive. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things to evaluate when you’re looking at used cars.

  • Learn What's Included in J.D. Byrider's 90-Point Car Inspection

    Posted 5 April 2015 12:00 AM by J.D. Byrider

    When you’re buying a used car, or any car for that matter, you want to make sure the vehicle is properly inspected before you drive it off the lot. This is a very important part of the car buying process. J.D. Byrider can help take the worry out of buying a used vehicle because every vehicle undergoes a comprehensive inspection and thorough reconditioning before you buy. Let us tell you a little more about our used car reconditioning process. .

  • Need a Car Loan? Learn What Affects Your Credit Score

    Posted 6 March 2015 12:00 AM by J.D. Byrider

    Are you in the process of searching for a used car, but are worried about your credit score? Having a good credit score is important because it shows the company lending you money if you present any risk for making payments, and it is based on information in your credit report. In this blog, we’ll discuss the factors that affect your credit score, and how it relates to applying for a used car loan.

  • Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

    Posted 7 October 2014 12:00 AM by J.D. Byrider

    Don’t get carried away in all the excitement once you’ve selected your new vehicle, you still need to sign on that dotted line. Time and time again people are reminded to read over contracts before they sign them, but do they know exactly what red flags to look for?

  • How to budget for a car - J.D. Byrider

    How to Budget for a Car

    Posted 27 August 2014 12:00 AM by J.D. Byrider

    Whether your current vehicle is on its last leg, or you’re simply ready for a better car – here are a few tips to help you start saving for a car, and how to budget for a car.

  • What is a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer and how is JD Byrider Different

    What is a Buy Here Pay Here Dealer and how is J.D. Byrider Different?

    Posted 20 August 2014 12:00 AM by J.D. Byrider

    When a lot of people think, “What is a buy here pay here dealer,” they assume that J.D. Byrider is the same – but we offer way more. Here’s a brief explanation of what is a buy here pay here and how J.D. Byrider is different...

  • How Much Does Mileage Matter? J.D. Byrider

    How Much Does Mileage Matter?

    Posted 22 July 2014 12:00 AM by J.D. Byrider

    When purchasing a used car, you may wonder “How much does mileage matter?” The truth is, you cannot tell as much about a vehicle’s mileage anymore as you could in the past. Here's what you should look for...

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