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Financing Steps Buy Here Pay Here Loans Get You On The Road

Applying for J.D. Byrider’s used car financing is different than applying for traditional car loans. We evaluate you based on your ability to make easy, affordable monthly payments, not on past mistakes. We want you to feel comfortable and know what to expect when you visit us. Here’s the 4 step process to applying for financing at J.D. Byrider!

Step 1: You’ll need to bring a few items so we can try to approve you as quickly as possible. See a complete list here, but be sure you have proof of your address and income, the title for any trade-ins, your driver’s license and your initial payment.

Step 2: A CNAC representative will sit down with you to talk about your budget and your transportation needs. We want to make sure that any financing we approve you for is within your budget, and part of that is making sure it fits in with your other bills. You’ll discuss whether you’re looking for an SUV or an eco-friendly small car, and what matters most to you in a vehicle.

Step 3: When you're ready, you can meet with your representative to talk through your budget. We want to know that you’re comfortable with your payment amount. It's important to look at it carefully since we're not solely relying on your credit score for approvals.

Step 4: Hopefully, we can approve you! We approve many people that were turned down at other places. We'll work with you to schedule payments on your paydays and make sure they’re affordable for your lifestyle.

Why We Look at Your Credit Report

Even though we don't base approvals off of your credit score, we still pull your credit report. This gives us information about your employment history, current debts and if you’re undergoing a bankruptcy.

We may be able to approve you if you've had a recently discharged bankruptcy. Even if your Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy is still showing on your report, you may be eligible for financing through us. We understand that sometimes your finances are out of your control due to layoffs or medical bills.

Credit Report Mistakes

If you have made a mistake that shows up on your credit report, don't worry that you'll be judged at J.D. Byrider. We approve many customers that were turned away at other dealerships. Even if we can't approve you today, our friendly sales associates will give you a set of steps you can take so you can be in a better position to be approved the next time you apply.

Get Me Approved

*$0 down. DEALER WILL FINANCE ADDITIONAL DEFERRED DOWN PAYMENTS. Does not include tax, title or fees. Limited offer with approved credit on select vehicles at participating dealers. See participating dealer for full details and down payment required. Your down payment may vary. Sample deal: 40 monthly payments of $34.97 per $1000 financed at 21% APR. Your payment and interest rate may vary.

**Your payments may be as low as $150 every 2 weeks. Limited offer with approved credit on select vehicles at participating dealers. See participating dealer for full details on payment amount, interest rate and payment schedule. Sample deal: 87 biweekly payments of $15.94 per $1000 financed at 21% APR. Your biweekly payments and interest rate may vary and may be different than the sample deal.

***J.D. Byrider is not authorized to make safety recall repairs, so vehicles may be subject to open recalls. Visit www.safercar.gov for more information about recalls.

Each J.D. Byrider dealership is independently owned and operated.