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Better Service and Better Car Care at J.D. Byrider

If you’ve been turned down before, J.D. Byrider could put you in a reliable used car today. We have a simple approval process and personalized low payments. Our no-haggle pricing, low initial payments and better customer service have helped over 1 million customers. Our Good to Go limited warranty and convenient service centers will keep you on the road affordably, too!

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Easy Approvals, Quality Cars, Better Car Care

  • Limited warranty
  • Low-cost service and repairs
  • Affordable payments
  • Clean-title verified
  • Easy credit approval
  • Inspected, computer tested, serviced and reconditioned vehicles
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Better Cars—Stay Driving

You’ll find the cars at J.D. Byrider are higher quality. We inspect 92 points on each vehicle. Once that’s done, each car goes through computer testing, servicing and reconditioning, making it safer and more dependable. And, all our cars have a verified clean title.

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Better Car Care—Save Money

We help you stay on the road affordably with our Good to Go limited warranty. Our convenient on-site service centers are staffed by highly trained technicians, and most are ASE Master Certified. We offer low-cost oil changes, service visits and repairs.

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Simple Financing—Stress Less

Our loan approval experts look at your current situation, not your past mistakes. That’s why we may not even pull your credit report. You could be approved and driving today. And, we’ll try to get you approved for the car you want.

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Affordable Payments—Control Your Budget

Your low payments are personalized to your payday, and can be scheduled bi-weekly or monthly. For your convenience, you can pay by automatic withdrawals (ACH), by phone, through our website, by text and through some money order providers. Paying on time could improve your credit score, and your future financial options, because we always report timely payments to major credit bureaus.



"I honestly felt like they were there to help me out and do what they needed to do to make my life better."

- Cristina

“I have a vehicle that I’m proud to be behind the wheel of, and I’m also focused a little more on my credit, getting myself back on track to where I want to be in my life. And J.D. Byrider helped me.”

- Molly

"They want to make sure you can afford the car before you drive off with it. They cared about other bills, not just the car payment."

- Dallas

About Us

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We’re different. We value you and respect your time. You’ll see it on our higher-quality cars and our expert service department, as well as our affordable, easy and fast on-site financing.

That’s why we’ve sold more than 1 million cars over the past 25 years. We’re also the largest dealership network of our kind in the United States, with over 165 locations in 34 states. Our satisfied customers around the nation prove we’re the way to go for an easy approval process and reliable vehicles.

Customer Service

We treat our customers right. Every month we interview thousands of our customers to make sure their experiences with us are positive. The results? A sales satisfaction rating of 95% and a service satisfaction rating of 91%.*

*Source: Rolling 12-month average of J.D. Byrider Dealer Services Customer Service Indexing Study, Jan. 2014-Dec. 2014, rated sales satisfaction at 95% and service satisfaction at 91%. When we ask our customers how they were treated, at least 95% of them tell us their sales experience with us was positive and at least 91% of them tell us their service experience with us was positive.


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Buying a Car 101

This quick and easy guide will answer questions you have about buying from us. You’ll learn what to bring to the lot so you could get approved the same day and what you should expect during the sales process.

Fast Financing FAQs
If you’ve never been through used car financing, you’re sure to have some questions. Most people want to know if they can be approved the same day (you could!) and if they’ll need to have a certain credit score (you don’t!). To learn more, read through this quick FAQ sheet.

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Each J.D. Byrider dealership is independently owned and operated.