4 Cheap Vacation Ideas for Your Staycation

4 Cheap Vacation Ideas for Your Staycation

Posted 30 July 2014 12:00 AM by J.D. Byrider

Looking for cheap vacation ideas? Skip the hotel and travel expenses and have a staycation this summer! You’ll get all the relaxation and “you” time of a vacation without any of the packing or the hassle. Whether you’re bringing kids or friends along, these ideas are all perfect ways to pass lazy summer days.

Here are 5 cheap vacation ideas to make the ultimate staycation:

1. The magic of the movies in your backyard

Host your own personal outdoor movie night! If you have a large blank wall or a place to hang up a sheet you can set up a projector using your phone. If you’re not up for a craft project, just grab an extension cord and set up your television outside. Lay down a blanket, grab a couple of pillows and make some popcorn while you enjoy a movie under the stars! You can also pack an entire picnic for a complete dinner-and-a-movie experience. Just make sure you check the weather before you bring your electronics outside!

2. Get in touch with nature, the suburban way

Make a day out of visiting your local park. If you’re close enough, walk or bike to the park to start communing with nature even earlier in the day. Pack sunscreen and a picnic that doesn’t need refrigerated. Get in touch with your inner child by playing on the swings or challenging your family or friends to a game of hopscotch. Even better—bring a blanket and pick out all the constellations you can find once night hits.

3. History, art and technology

Many county historical museums are either free or inexpensive, not to mention, close by! Learn about the history of your town, and try to spot familiar landmarks in the photos and paintings of your town’s early days. Hit up an art, technology, archaeology or history museum afterwards, depending on your interests. If you have kids, try a children’s museum. You can spend a week just on museums alone!

4. BBQ and board games

Invite your friends, family and neighbors for an old fashioned BBQ. Plan on buying the meat, but assign dishes to everyone else. Give the task of bringing plates and napkins to the less-than-great chefs in your group. Play some music and set out citronella candles to keep the bugs away and set the atmosphere. Don’t let the party die after the food gets passed around—have some playing cards and board games set out so people can keep the festivities going all day.

5. Splash in your own yard

Theme parks usually aren’t worth the money or the frustration of fighting the crowds. Instead, set up your own water park in your yard. A tarp, hose and some dish soap can make for a wonderful slip and slide. Set out a couple of sprinklers to run through, too. And—don’t forget to buy some squirt guns and water balloons for a soaking wet battle.

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