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Customer Reviews on J.D. Byrider Tell The Story

Our customers love us. It's quite a claim for a used car sales and financing company to make, but we know it's true because we ask. Every month we collect thousands of J.D. Byrider reviews from our customers to see how we're doing.

The results?

95% of customers surveyed say they had a positive sales experience.*

That good feeling doesn’t end once they drive away, though. 91% of customers surveyed say they had a positive experience getting their vehicle serviced.* Maybe it’s our low-cost oil changes or our friendly and professional technicians that put a smile on their faces. Or, maybe it’s just our Preferred Service Pricing that’s usually the lowest rate in town.

J.D. Byrider Reviews paint a fuller picture than just our high survey numbers, though. That's why we collect customer testimonials. Watch the video below to see how we helped one of our customers get into a reliable used car.

To learn more about how we go beyond expectations, read about how we inspect, computer test, service and recondition all our vehicles.

*Source: Rolling 12-month average of J.D. Byrider Dealer Services Customer Service Indexing Study, January, 2014 – December, 2014, rated sales satisfaction at 95%. When we ask our customers how they were treated, at least 95% of them tell us their sales experience with us was positive.

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