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The J.D. Byrider Difference Our Car Dealerships Care About Your Success

We know you need a dependable car for work, and you need an easy financing process that isn't based on past mistakes. J.D. Byrider could be your solution to both.

Come to J.D. Byrider for:

  • Easy credit approval
  • Affordable payments
  • Limited warranty
  • Low-cost service and repairs
  • Variety of used cars for sale

Our buy here pay here dealerships stock clean-titled cars known for their reliability. We inspect, computer test, service and recondition them so you can drive with confidence. Then, we add our limited warranty or optional extended service agreements for extra protection. We want you to have a car you can rely on to get you to work and back home again, day after day.

JD Byrider

J.D. Byrider’s friendly loan experts base your approval on your current financial situation and ability to make easy payments, not past mistakes. Unlike many car dealerships who don’t handle your loan personally, we’re invested in you. This means we won't pressure you into buying a car that doesn't fit your lifestyle, because if you don’t successfully complete your loan, no one wins.

If You've Been Turned Down, We May Be Able to Help

Credit challenges can happen to anyone. We understand that your credit score isn't a reflection of your level of responsibility or your current ability to make payments on time. We respect our customers and their unique situations.

We'll try to find you the right quality used car that matches your budget and your preferences. If you don't see the car you're interested in on our online inventory, be sure to contact us! Our inventory changes daily, and we may have the right car for you on our lot.

Of course, not everyone qualifies for financing. If you don't, we'll give you a step-by-step plan on how you'll be able to qualify next time you come in. We're committed to believing in your future, even if you aren't one of our current customers!

Get Me Approved

Each J.D. Byrider dealership is independently owned and operated.