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Financing to GO! Finance a Used Car with Our Buy Here Pay Here Financing

We know that shopping for a used car is stressful enough without adding a complicated financing process to it. That’s why at J.D. Byrider, we try to keep our used car financing process simple. You’ll have a discussion about your needs with a representative from CNAC, our in-house financing center, before you set your heart on a particular vehicle. We make sure your car payment fits your lifestyle just as much as your car will. Once you and your representative decide what your right payment looks like, you’ll test drive an inspected, serviced, computer tested and reconditioned car that fits your needs and your budget.

Because we do financing in-house, most of our customers drive away the same day they’re approved. We understand that when you need a new car, your life doesn’t stop. You need a car to get to work and to get the kids to school. Unlike traditional used car financing, we base your approval on your ability to make easy payments instead of on past mistakes. That’s why over 1 million customers have chosen to buy their vehicles from J.D. Byrider!

Here are some other benefits to our used car financing process:

  • No-haggle pricing saves you time and stress
  • Payments are tailored to your pay period and can happen monthly or bi-weekly
  • Convenient payment methods include paying by text, phone, our website, automatic withdrawals and through certain money order providers we’ve partnered with
  • On-time payments are reported to the credit bureaus, which could put you in a good place to improve your credit

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